Insurance FAQ's

Insurance & Financial FAQ's 

How does payment work? - The full payment
amount is required and due on the day of your
surgery. We generally process this before your
appointment to go over general inquiries.

We accept credit card, debit & and personal cheques only.


Insurance - We are a non-assignment office,
which means that our patients are responsible for
paying the full cost of treatment at the time it is
provided. We will assist you by providing a
completed dental claim form and submit to your
dental plan provider for reimbursement.

We do not directly deal with insurance companies.

Will my insurance reimburse anything?

We are more than happy to submit a predetermination
prior to your scheduled appointment or before you
make a final decision!

This will include procedure
codes, fees and descriptions for them to review it
and provide you with an estimate.

Please allow 14 business days (at least) and be aware that they will
notify you via email, mail, or their online app.

How long does a claim take to process?

Our office submits the correspondent claim once the
full payment has been completed and it generally
takes 14 business days for processing. Insurance
companies may require additional information
from us or from you; should that be the case,
please do not hesitate to contact us via email with
a copy of their response.


Please let us know should you have any additional
questions or concerns. We are pleased to assist
and thank you for choosing Broadway Perio!