Information for patients

We are proud to provide a calm, friendly atmosphere, and look forward to making your experience with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

What to expect during your initial visit

Upon your first visit, our welcoming front desk staff will greet you and guide you through completing a medical information form. Should you have any uncertainties about the form, feel free to ask our staff for assistance. Please bring a printed list of your medications for inclusion in your patient file.

Subsequently, you’ll meet with Dr. Dayna Roemermann for a detailed oral examination and an explanation of your referral’s purpose. Dr. Roemermann will discuss your diagnosis, treatment options, and address any questions you may have during this approximately 30-45 minute visit.

Rest assured, your general dentist will stay informed about your progress through periodic progress reports sent during your treatment. Your comprehensive care is our priority.

Patient Medical Information Form

If you are new to our practice or have not had treatment in over one year, please fill out this form and email it to before your appointment date.

If you’re not able to do so, you’re more than welcome to complete it upon arrival to our office.

Reducing Anxiety

Feeling a bit anxious about your upcoming surgical procedure? We understand, and that’s why we offer the option of an oral sedative to help you relax. While this sedative won’t “knock you out,” it promotes relaxation and, in some cases, may lead to restful sleep. You’ll maintain normal consciousness and breathing during the procedure but might feel a bit “groggy” afterward.

If you’re considering sedation, Dr. Roemermann can discuss specific details and assess whether you’re a suitable candidate during a consultation. Your comfort is our priority, and we’re here to address any concerns you may have.

Pre & post-surgical information

A PDF copy of the information below can be downloaded here:

Pre-surgical information


We highly recommend a soft food diet for 1 to 2 weeks after your surgery (pasta, rice, chicken, eggs, yogurt, fish, etc). Please avoid seeds, crunchy or tough foods. Tea and coffee are acceptable as long as they’re room temperature or iced, not hot. Please avoid straws for 2 weeks.


Please avoid exercise for at least 1 week to avoid raising your heart rate (this includes hot yoga, cycling, swimming, weight lifting, running…) We want to prevent excessive bleeding and swelling. Walking is completely okay.


Certain procedures require antibiotics or other medication starting prior and post surgery. Please let us know what the pharmacy of your preference is.


Please avoid scheduling your surgery prior to an event or trip and avoid flying for 1 month if you are having a sinus bone graft.


Please reduce speaking and strenuous work during the first week after surgery. We strongly recommend taking a few days off and we offer work absence doctor’s notes at no extra charge to support your request.


Our office provides oral sedation at no additional cost if you feel rather uneasy about surgery. Triazolam will reduce anxiety and some patients may fall asleep during the procedure. It will not “knock you out”.

Pre-confirmed patients need to arrive an hour earlier as we will provide the medication in the room. A friend or family member must be available to take you home after the procedure (Rideshare apps or taxi rides are not acceptable).

Post-surgical information


Normal events after your surgery may include swelling, bruising, bleeding in the saliva and discomfort. Swelling may peak around the 3rd day after surgery.

For gum grafts, the co-pak or “bandage” may dislodge after a couple days. Please discard it once it falls off and leave the area unbothered.

Pain control

You may take either up to 600mg of Advil/Ibuprofen OR up to 1000mg of Tylenol every 6 hours as needed. If you’ve been prescribed Tylenol 3, please take it every 6 hours as needed.


If you’ve been prescribed antibiotics, take them as directed. You may experience diarrhea. If you develop a rash please inform the doctor immediately.


Ice may be placed on the surgical area only if directed to do so by your doctor.


Please avoid brushing the area of surgery. The doctor will inform you once it is safe to return to normal oral hygiene during your post-op appointment (2 weeks after).


You may be given an anti-bacterial mouth rinse. Please rinse with one capful, 2-3 times a day, and then spit out. Avoid thorough swishing. The doctor will tell you when to stop using the rinse.

Post op

You will be required to come back to our office after 2 weeks from your surgery to assess and remove sutures.

Insurance & financial information

How does payment work?

The full payment amount is required and due on the day of your surgery. We generally process this before your appointment to go over general inquiries.

We accept credit card, debit & and personal cheques only.


We are a non-assignment office, which means that our patients are responsible for paying the full cost of treatment at the time it is provided. We will assist you by providing a completed dental claim form and submit to your dental plan provider for reimbursement.

We do not directly deal with insurance companies.

Will my insurance reimburse anything?

We are more than happy to submit a predetermination prior to your scheduled appointment or before you make a final decision!

This will include procedure codes, fees and descriptions for them to review it and provide you with an estimate.

Please allow 14 business days (at least) and be aware that they will notify you via email, mail, or their online app.

How long does a claim take to process?

Our office submits the correspondent claim once the full payment has been completed and it generally takes 14 business days for processing. Insurance companies may require additional information from us or from you; should that be the case, please do not hesitate to contact us via email with a copy of their response.